Lithuania May 02

As every year I go to see my Friends in Lithuania. We traveled together in Africa and I really liked to travel with them as they are tough and reliable. Tomas, Kostas, Gintes and Gedeminas. This Year I was planning again to repair my car ( it is the third attemt ) and I had the dream to get lessons for flying an Ultralight plane. It din't work out with the car, so it still looks pretty rotten, but it worked with the flight lessons

Beautifull Lithuania. The landscape is really impressive. Green rolling hills, deep blue water ..

late in the afternoon, when the sun is low

I went with my brother and his girlfriend. The first days we visited a park in which all the old soviet statues were brought after the independence of Lithuania. Enlarge the pics to see me hiding under Marx coat how I get given a 'crown'

We brought our bikes and enjoyed biking. On the way we found many interestin things:

for example an old Fort which was build before the first world war. One of nine around the city of Kaunas as I learned later

Inside the catacomps of the Fort. A bit scary ..

Take a good look on the things on the ground. You should not step on it. These are Mines ! ( Hope they do not work any more .. )

More leftovers from the Soviet-times. A huge sattelite-antenna which was still guarded by a non english speaking women.

And some beautifull socialistic paintings.
The first week weather was not so good, although I got up at five in the morning several times I couldn't get any training. It was just to windy and to many turbulences. But the second week was better. I loved to stay at the airport and watch all the things that could fly !

And Now finally I am taking my first flightlesson. After some cruising on the ground the first start.

Yes, it was sort of frightening when suddenly there is getting more and more space between the ground and your feet. But then as you relax ...

right after the satrt. Viktor ( my teacher ) is taking the pictures.

Evening flight. Can you see the plane ?

The most difficult part is to land. It took me about 50 times to get it more or less propperly.

Just great up here !!! I love to fly !
( Does it show ? )

The final sensation was a half build stadion in Vilnius. Started by the russians as a friendship donation, work was halted with the collaps of the soviet union.