Kenya - East Africa

Knut & Biankas Place

I was invited from my good old friends, Knut and Bianka to their place in Nyeri, Kenya. I first met Knut and Bianka 1994 in Wadi Halfa, a small and remote city at the Lake Assuan in the middle of the Nubian Desert. They were travellers like me and we became good friends. They decided to leave germany in '99 and settle in Kenia. Things were difficult in the beginning. They had bought some land, about 250.000mē, a quater squarekilometer. Now they invited me for a visit and maybe even to share some of their work and business with me.

Tarsems Place

The first day I arrived in Kenya, Knut & Bianka were still stuck in the northern desert of Kenya, so they send a good friend, Tarsem Sembhi, to pick me up. Tarsem invited me to his house and I stayed there until Knut & Biankas return. It was a phantastic time. Tarsem is a ethnic Indian but has been living in Kenya for all his life. He is very open minded and it was a great pleasure to dicuss with him about politics and the meaning of life. He lives in a wounderful house which I took some photos of.

African People

On the way I took pictures of african people. These pictures show the normal life on the streets of Kenia. The misery but also the beauty. African life is very different from European life. But we can learn a lot from each other if we listen and watch carefully !