What happend on 31st Jan 2002 :

I went climbing in the cliffs of Kho Phang Ghan.The Rocks are like huge round stones and they are easy to climb because the surface consists from very sharp stones sticking out the surface. Like super large grain sandpaper …
I thought : don’t fall, or it will really hurt !

I made my way all along the coast to the next bay. Nice, but as It was getting late, I wanted to hurry a little on my way back … That was a mistake ! I tried to climb up in a gap between two rocks, grabbing into tiny holes and gaps in the stone. Suddenly my shoe lost grip and my hands could not hold me any more …
I fell …

It was my lucky day. Although my birthday is only today ( 1st Feb 2002 ).
I got a big present : A BONUS live.
Some Rocks must have stopped my fall, because I did not reach the water.
When I woke up there was all blood. No Orientation. Where am I ? I am hurt !
I lay down on my towel which was the soaked with blood. I was disy and confused, but I knew that I
should try to make my way back. Tere is no more memory how I got back, but the fist people who saw me
were shocked. Fortunately I got to my Lodge and they took me to Hospital where my Head was stiched with
6 stiches on the left and two on the right. One more on my Knee.

I got a cracked bone on the left shoulder and uncountable scratches all over my body.

But shit happens ….
Now I am more or less OK again.
A little pain everywhere and I have to wait for a week

I was really lucky !